The camera I love to use best is my Canon EOS 20D. It takes super pictures that are 8.2 megapixels each! Because it is an SLR and has a moving mirror, it can take shots really fast. None of the delay usually associated with digital cameras. You know, the shot is just right, then you press the button and it has to focus (wait, wait), then you get the picture. Unfortunately, the subject has usually moved by that time. Not with my Canon. It has 5 fps performance for up to 23 consecutive frames and a 0.2 second start-up time. Zowie! Nothing like it.

Sports pictures (like soccer) are a dream. I did the team video and the hardest part was deciding which of the great pictures to include and which to cut out. Oh, but it was a bit expensive. Such is life in the sub-pro camera world. Now, I'm sure there are some other great cameras out there, but this happens to be the one I personally like best.

This spring I was noticing the trees here in the Midwestern USA and the blooms were BEAUTIFUL. Where's my camera?? Here it is. Take a look at what it spotted:

Pink Azalea

Pink Azalea

Nothing quite like it. Just amazing. If ever there were evidence of God's hand in creation, some of it has to be here.

Of course these images are just little examples. The actual images are about 3504 x 2336 pixels (48x32 in.) each. That's why I put little images here -- it would take a while to download a 3.5MB image, even over a cable modem

Here's another:

Lilac bush

Lilac bush

They really smell good in the spring time. Really good. Did I mention the scent? Wow. I can smell them from 100 ft. away. Just be careful of the bumblebees... And, they are beautiful as well.


Yellow Pansies

Check out these pansies:

They're not much for hangin' out when it gets hot (tend to wither pretty bad), but in the spring there's nothing like them. Dainty in the wind -- they look like they are going to break. But they don't!



Forsythia are also amazing.

Not much for smell, but they produce whole bushes full of bright yellow blooms. Nothing quite like the sight of an entire row of these babies in full bloom. Sometimes the frost gets them, but they don't get fooled every year. Thankfully.

This year, because of the cool weather, they were in bloom for more than 3 weeks!

Blooming Tree

Pink tree

Here's a shot of a beautiful tree. Not sure what it is, but the blooms were exceptional this year.

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